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Hockey Equipment
Where to buy and how to fit
Hockey Equipment is very important for the safety and well being of our skaters.

SYHA requires proper equipment for all practies and games.  As a new parent to hockey it can be daunting to know what equipment to buy.  We have an equipment guide which can help you in choosing the proper fit and equipment for your young player.

Required equipment and Order of dressing of equipment
Cup shorts/which also attach socks

Shin guards then Socks

Pants then skates  (Skates NEED to be SHARPENED before HITTING THE ICE!!!)

Shoulder Pads then elbow pads then shirt



When it comes to buying equipment there are a few choices.

Kleen N Hard Sports
Kleen N Hard sells new and used equipment hockey equipment, trade-ins and equipment cleaning and deodorizing. They also provide equipment services at their facility. They offer a special new to hockey starter package. Kleen N Hard is our equipment sponsor and helps us keep our fees low.

Pure Hockey
Pure Hockey has the largest selection of hockey equipment and is currently offering a starter package. Details can be found on the SYHA front page.
Pure hockey also performs services at their facilities.

Read about how to fit your hockey player correctly.
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