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SYHA Player Development Programs
Success in hockey comes from a combination of technical skills as well as team and game concepts. To develop players technical abilities experts recommend
that 85% of the players practice time be focused on developing the core technical skills. 
To support this, Shrewsbury Youth Hockey provides an array of
Player Development Programs for all ages and skill levels.
The following is a list of current player development programs offered by SYHA.
  •     Bruin Academy (Little Bruins)
  •     Learn to Skate Program
  •     House League Hockey
  •     Competitive Player Development
A majority of practices take place at Charles J Buffone Arena on Lake Avenue in  Worcester.  Some practices are held at North Star Youth Forum in Westborough.
Competitive Player Development Program
 For SYHA youth teams, SYHA promotes comprehensive player development.
The program is comprised of 3 main components:
  1.       Player Development Program – Skaters & Goalies
  2.       Goalie Clinics
  3.      Team Practices 
Player Development Program – Skaters & Goalies
The program spans Mite through Bantam teams and is focused on developing skating, stick handling, shooting and passing skills in our competitive skaters and stance, angles, stick work and butterfly techniques for goalies . The program builds from basic skills early in the season, to complex, multi-skilled drills mid-season and closing with sessions that emphasize overspeed training and team concepts. Small Area Games are used at each session to emphasize the skills covered in that session.
Goalie Development
The position of goalie is critical to any successful competitive team. To enhance our development of this important player, SYHA partners with several professional goalie coaches.  SYHA also invites local high school goalies to assist at our practices on a regular basis.
The SYHA program is geared to educating both goalies and coaches on the core skills necessary for successful goaltending.  A 6 Session Goalie Clinic schedule is still under development.
Team Practices
Along with the above programs, SYHA includes weekly team practices for its competitive teams in a mixture of full-ice and half-ice formats. These sessions build on the player skills while adding individual and team concepts. Along with a regular game schedule, they also build the camaraderie and team spirit that make hockey such a great sport!