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Did you know that Shrewsbury Youth Hockey is entirely operated from coaches, fundraising, board members, league representatives and more with parent volunteers just like yourself?

  •  What talents do you have that you could lend a small amount of your time to help SYHA grow and thrive??
  • Teamwork makes the dream work. The more volunteers that can help with just a few hours throughout the season can make a tremendous difference. 

If you are interested in Calendar Raffle Committee or Dine and Donate Coordinator, or looking for another way to get involved please email Christa Duprey at .  Thank you!!!

Calendar Raffle Committee

New this year is the creation of the Calendar Raffle Committee. We are looking for approximately 20 volunteers in total. We will need 10 volunteers in late September and 10 volunteers in late December. Team parent will be involved in the Calendar Raffle Committee.

September Team  - help organize, distribute raffle tickets to teams

December Team - collect, prep all the raffle tickets in the big box to pull. That is it!

The time commitment is very limited to specific time frames, really! A great way to meet a few other hockey parents.

Dine and Donate Coordinator

Contact with a few established local resturants in Shrewsbury to set up a Dine and Donate night during the season. That is basically it! A few phone calls or chat with the manager and you are done!

Team Manager

It is extremely helpful to the coaching staff to have a Team Manager.

Duties include assisting with paperwork collection, if a tournament - payment collection, email reminders to the team, assist with calendar raffle ticket fundraiser and assist with out reach to the team with Shrewsbury Youth Hockey's announcements. This may sound like a lot however this is over the course of the entire season!

Shrewsbury Youth Hockey Association is always looking for volunteers.

Please consider helping since many hands make light work!!