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SYHA 2017-2018 Board Members

Thank you for your patience since SYHA is an ALL VOLUNTEER organiztion.
 Please note, SYHA will be asking for volunteers throughout the season

for additional help with a minimal commitment. Please consider volunteering with SYHA.

Teamwork makes the dream work.


For a listing of emails, to contact the appropriate volunteer for a question/feedback, please click here.

SYHA Officers

                 President(s)                                              Vice Pesident

                                John Lloyd                                                      Pat Moore

Treasurer                              Recording Secretary                Sargeant at Arms

        Brian Desruisseaux                   Krissy Bissonnette                Mike Salovardos

       Dennis Serocki

SYHA Directors

Fundraising/Sponsors      Volunteers/Calendar Raffle     Merchandising    Scheduling            

Christa Duprey                 Christa Duprey                        Mike Salovardos                                                                                                                                                              

 Coaches                                Website                        Communication  

Kim Marques             Harry Gaston               Harry Gaston

                                & Christa Duprey


Hockey Coordinators

Equipment/Tournaments                        Skills                                          Tryouts                                                               

                                                Pat Moore and David Samara           

NorthStar League Rep              Valley League Rep    USA Hockey/Mass Rep

Rick Mahoney                                 Kevin O'Brien                  John Llyod


SYHA Division Reps

Bruins Academy               Houe League               Mites                   Squirts 

   Harry Gaston               Krissy Bissonnette                               Kim Marques

     Pee Wees                  Lady Colonials        Bantams              Midgets

                                  John Cutting         Harry Gaston     Kevin O'Brien


If you are looking for TEAM coach/manager contact information, please visit Player/Parent Info at the top and hover over SYHA Contact Info and select Team Info or Click Here.

Thank you.