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How to register player/team parent/coach for USA Hockey

USA Hockey registration is required for all players, coaches and team managers.

This is a separate registration required by SYHA. This registration must be completed AND entered on the SYHA player's information prior to a player's FIRST practice.

Details for adding on the SYHA player's information is below.
Thank you for your time and attention to this important registration.

1. Visit www.USAHockey.com

2. Click on "Become a Member" button

3. Click on the "REGISTER NOW"  button

4. Follow steps 1 thru 4. You may register multiple participants at once. You will need a credit card to complete the registration transaction for PLAYER/COACH.

5. At the end of the USA Hockey registration you will receive a message on the screen stating a sucessful registration. You can print this information for your records. You are also emailed the USA Hockey registration confirmation.

6. In this confirmation is your player's USA HOCKEY NUMBER.


How to enter USA Hockey Number to SYHA player's information

1. At the very TOP RIGHT of the SYHA website next to your name in white, click on "MY ACCOUNT".

2. Once clicked, this will show you all family members registered with SYHA.

3. Click on the player's NAME that you want to ADD/UPDATE USA Hockey number too.

4. Scroll all the way down to the VERY BOTTOM and add/update the USA Hockey number in the box, CLICK the Verify USA #. Once verified click SUBMIT button at the bottom.  (if any other info needs to be update, ie phone number, address this is where to do this)
This USA HOCKEY number will appear if you visit your player's TEAM ROSTER page.
This is how coaches will know they are registered with USA Hockey.

Thank YOU for helping to assist with your player's USA Hockey number.